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Why Zen Has No Raft

“From the very beginning all beings are Buddha.
Like water and ice,without water no ice,
outside us no Buddhas.”
— Hakuin Ekaku

“We usually don’t look. We overlook.”
— Alan Watts

In the parable of the raft (Alagaddupama Sutta, verses 13-15), the Buddha compares the dharma to a raft for transporting sentient beings from the near shore of samsara to the far shore of nirvana.  Just as after crossing a river it would be foolish to continue to carry a raft, once nirvana is reached, there is no more need for the dharma; all concepts around Buddhism and being Buddhist can be let go,.

Shortly after the Buddha achieved awakening under the Bodhi tree, he was met by a man on the road who, in seeing there was something special about him, asked ‘What are you?’.  The Buddha did not identify himself as a man or by any other label corresponding to his rank, religion, clan, or ethnicity.  He merely declared himself to be one thing – awake. Continue reading