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Mind Like The Sky

For the mind of Man alone is free to explore the lofty vastness of the cosmic infinite, to transcend ordinary consciousness, to roam the secret corridors of the brain where past and future melt into one…  And universe and individual are linked, the one mirrored in the other, and each contains the other.
Michael Moorcock

Body like a mountain
Breath like the wind
Mind like the sky
— Tibetan Meditation Instruction

One of the first things I do in the morning is step outside and look up at the sky.  It seems to be a sure fire way of lifting me out of whatever thoughts are spinning in my head  and putting me in touch with the wider world.  Breathing in fresh air is probably a part of it, but there is something about the vastness of the sky that seems to open my mind out beyond my usual everyday preoccupations. Continue reading